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Real Time Default Merchant Tagging System: Full funder memberships have access to the industry’s largest database, updated in real time. We protect your deals with fraud & suspicious activity alerts, give you the ability to see a merchants funding and collection industry.

Representation Before State & Federal Policymakers: The SBFA is the leading ad-vocacy organization for the alternative finance industry. We provide high-level lobbying and public relations support, small business community outreach & in-depth policy updates.

Networking and Professional Development: Our members have access to a broad network of industry professionals, including C-suite leaders, legal, marketing & policy experts.

Industry Research & Reports: We provide monthly industry data report so you can track deal flow and provide industry research.

Access to exclusive SBFA only meeting and events.

Membership Categories

ISO/Broker Platinum Membership

$950/month (large ISO/brokers)

Access to SBFA funding reports

Ability to sit on a SBFA committee

Access to Chairman’s Dinner

ISO/Brokers Gold Membership

$475/month (small ISO/brokers)

Mandatory participation in the SBFA (or partnered) broker certification program.

Ability to use SBFA broker certification logo.

Access to quarterly policy and regulatory call and monthly updates.

Access to SBFA member only forum.